Greylist Server

Orcinuss Ownertag+R posted Nov 30, 17

Hey Everyone

Welcome to the next step for the Thermacraft Minecraft Community

Important Information

Launch: December 1st 2017 at 7PM EST


Greylist Server and Application

Thermacraft is a Greylist server. This means you can join the server as a Guest. Guests can join the server, talk to other players, interact with redstone and explore the world. In order to protect our guests, PVP is disabled and /heal and /feed are enabled.

Once you are ready to actually start playing, all you have to do is apply. In order to become a member you will need to apply on the website at

Applications a fairly straight forward and usually take 12-24 hours to process. Members are required to Sync their Minecraft account with their Enjin account. However, I think this will be much quicker in the first couple weeks that the server is up. Once accepted, you will be promoted to a member and you can continue right where you left off as a guest.

Donation Ranks

Donation ranks get a whole bunch of perks. Each rank builds on the rank before it. That means purchasing Engineer would grant you everything from Blacksmith, with a few exceptions.

Check out the shop to learn about and purchase ranks:

One Time Payment Ranks

  • Blacksmith - $10
  • Engineer - $20

Subscription Ranks

  • Sponsor Blacksmith - $10/month
  • Sponsor Engineer - $20/month

You can learn about each ranks' perks, commands and permissions here:
Donation Ranks


There will be two types of currencies: XP and ThermaCredits.


XP will be the server currency. XP can be used to purchase items from the server shop which is located in the spawn building. XP can be obtained in game normally, by voting, and from playtime rewards.

  • Players will earn 5XP per vote. Players with donation ranks will get 7, 9, 11 and 13XP per rank respectively.
  • Players will earn 5XP per 20 minutes online time. Players with donation ranks will get 10, 15, 20 and 25XP per rank respectively.

Players have the ability to store their experience in a XPBank. This means players can still lose their experience when they die, but have the ability to save it if they want to. This is implemented because XP is being used as the server currency. Information on how to use this plugin can be found here: XPBank


ThermaCredits (TC) will be the player currency. TC will be used to purchase items from other players. It can also be used to purchase player shops (discussed below).

Diamonds can be exchanged for ThermaCredits. There are signs to buy and sell diamonds for credits near the ThermaCrates in the spawn building. You can buy/sell diamonds 1 at a time or 1 diamond block at a time.

  • 1 Diamond is worth 100 TC.
  • 1 Diamond Block is worth 900 TC

Player Shops

There are 61 player shops available at spawn. Each has its own price which is listed on a sign in front of the plot. The price can also be seen by going into the plot. The prices are listed in Diamond Blocks (DB).

When a player requests a shop to purchase, they will give the corresponding amount of Diamond Blocks to an admin. The admin will then set the owner of the requested shop to the player. If the shop is not available, they will be put on the waitlist for that shop.

Shops are rented per month and are paid for on the first of the month. Players who rent shops will have to read the contract and agree to all the terms before they can purchase a shop.

  • All shop prices and owners can be found on this Google Doc
  • The contract can be found here: Contract

The first month's rent will be discounted based on the week in which the player buys the shop. So if I buy a shop in the 2nd week of a month, then take 25% off the price of the shop. If I buy a shop in the 4th week of a month, then take 75% off the price of the shop.

The price of the shop should always be paid in Diamonds. Players should rename their Diamond Blocks to their username so that we know who has paid. Payments that are not renamed will be trashed without a refund. Players can place their shop payments in the chest just outside the spawn building.

The donation ranks give players discounts on shop prices.

  • Blacksmith - 10% discount
  • Engineer - 15% discount
  • Sponsor Blacksmith - 25% discount
  • Sponsor Engineer - 40% discount

More information about how discounts work can be found on the player shop contract page:


Each group has access to a kit that gives a specific number of Crate Keys every 2 weeks. Crates have a high chance of spawning almost every obtainable item in game, with a few exceptions, up to a maximum of 16 of that item. They also have a small percentage to spawn that item for every player on the server.

Crates also have a chance to spawn a rare or ultra rare ticket. Tickets can grant special abilities, items, etc.

These are kits that players have access to per rank

  • Member - /kit member
    • (1 key/2 weeks)
  • Blacksmith - /kit blacksmith
    • (3 keys/2 weeks)
  • Engineer - /kit engineer
    • (5 keys/2 weeks)
  • Sponsor Blacksmith
    • /kit blacksmith
      • (3 keys/2 weeks)
    • /kit s-blacksmith
      • (2 keys/2 weeks)
  • Sponsor Engineer
    • /kit engineer
      • (5 keys/2 weeks)
    • /kit s-engineer
      • (4 keys/2 weeks)